About Us

 Slope block Company owns molds that    precast concrete  manufacturers of standard block have the capability to make our block under contract with our Company. These blocks are and have been used for hillside gravity plantable and non plantable retaining walls, channels, retention detention basins, river flow erosion protection,……

Slope Block’s future goal is to have independent contractors, manufacturers, etc. promote our block under contract.

It was the  first precast concrete segmental wall in the U.S. , patented by Mr. Hagenah from Germany, and quickly spread out to various countries in Europe in the early 1980’s, and then to Canada and the United States in 1985. Presently our customers are Residential, Commercial, Contractors, and Government entities.

Slope Block is unique in that it is a simple construction business without extensive grading, geogrid, pins, or other devices behind walls for support. We can reach great heights with only one type of unit with various options of assembly; closed, open spaces between blocks for planting, alternating or mixed assembly with only 1 size block.

What sets us apart from our competition is  how each finished wall is unique, with its own look and design, though the same type of block is used for all projects.

Our business is to safely simplify every aspect of retaining and erosion protection system by offering only one type unit for easy permitting, construction and manufacturing. We offer help to any Company or individuals become a certified installer of slopeblock units.